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The Company : Founded in 1971, M.E. MEDITEK is a medical disposable devices manufacturer and distributor located in Bangkok, Thailand. And the firm was first initial of medical devices manufacturer and also first initial compliance to the international quality standard ISO 13485, Australian GMP and Thai GMP. With organization objective in producing high quality and comfortable intention products with most reasonable price for every one to reachable. Our firm supplies in Thailand and surrounding countries as well as through our partners in Australia, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia


     Company's historical

  • 1971  :  Mr. Paitoon Rojanasena founded the company for manufacturing and distributing Medical Device “M.E. CO.,LTD.” on 2 DEC 1971, Company registration on 27 DEC 1971

  • 1978  :  B.O.I. promotion on 23 JUN

  • 1979  :  Move office and factory to 665 Soi On-nuch, Sukhumvit 77 Road, Bangkok 10250, Thailand total area 3500 m2

  • 1980  :  Increase Registered capital to 10 million baht.

  • 1989  :  Joint venture with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (Japan) change name to “M.E.OTSUKA” and increase registered capital to 20 million baht.

  • 1994  :  On 06 JUN 94, the company was certified to comply with the Australian GMP for medicinal products, issued by The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration which is equivalent to an FDA body.

  • 1998  :  As it was company’s goal to produce Medical Devices with high quality, on 21 AUG 1998 the Company achieved ISO9002 certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) In the same year, received an extension licence on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) on 25 SEP 98 Changed name to “M.E.MEDITEK CO.,LTD.” on 29 JUL 98 with majority of thai share holders.

  • 2002 : Certified to EN ISO 9002 (TUV)

  • 2003 : Certified to EN ISO 13485 : 2000 (TUV)

  • 2006 : Certified to EN ISO 13485 : 2003 (TUV) and GMP (Thai FDA)

  • 2011 : Expanded manufacturing plant no.2 for clean room area 1,900 sq.m. and Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the first time

  • 2012 : Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the second time

  • 2013 : Achieved Thailand Trusted Quality By Ditp

  • 2014 : Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the third time

  • 2015 : Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the forth time

  • 2017 : Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the fifth time

  • 2018 : Won The Thai FDA Quality Award for the sixth time

  • 2018 : Certified to EN ISO 13485 : 2016 (URS)



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